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The Golden Ratio In Interior Design

How to use this formula to create balanced schemes….


The golden ratio is one of those design rules that are really helpful to use when creating a room scheme from scratch – or rebalancing an existing one. If you are just starting out in interior design or just need help creating balanced spaces, it’s one of those design formulas that is worth referring to.


But what is the golden ratio, and how do you apply it to real spaces? Well, it’s not a new fad in fact, the golden ratio – also known as the golden mean or golden number – has been used for over 2,500 years as a mathematical sequence (1:1.618 to be exact). It occurs multiple times in nature, from the proportion of human bodies to the spiral of seashells, and is thought to be perfectly pleasing to the eye.

We’re aware that 1:168 is way to complicated for most of us to comprehend, so swap that out for a ratio of 40:60 instead, and it becomes that much more useful for interior design.

When you think about it, the golden ratio really is amazing. Who would have thought that the same seemingly random configuration would pop up in the spirals of seashells, the shape of our galaxy, and the formations of storm clouds? With all that natural evidence, it’s hard to argue against using the same proportions in your interior design.